Can someone make a gui for my game called chickplay

can someone make a gui for my game chickplay
chickplay its like roblox but 2D and your main caracter is a chick
but you can change the clothes hats etc. and you can change to other caracters like
kiwi (animal) and birds with a studio like roblox studio that you can make games in it
prize 1000 chickbucks(game money) and premiuim for 1 year
also with these tabs: games avatar and games category(idk if you can understand) and studio game creator or more becuse idk

  1. might wanna change the topic to Requests to the Community - Snap! Forums
  2. why are you asking everyone else to do everything for you? not trying to be rude, but it just seems like you've been making so many forum posts since you joined...

i will make my own but im asking becuse iim bad at drawing and i gonna do my own things such as the game caracter the studio toolbox and the game money the forum in the game but i need ideas for it or i will combine some ideas and my own ideas
and im new at snap so thats why im making so much posts in the forum becuse its new to me

well instead of having someone do things you're bad at for you, try practicing, it's the best form of learning
you could also have someone teach you, or look up youtube tutorials

well, instead of starting off with big projects, try little things
like small custom block libraries/toolboxes
or simple games like clickers or incremental games
and maybe try figuring out some things on your own

basically, just start experimenting with Snap!'s different features, and try teaching yourself a bit of stuff

also, the Snap! handbook might help you out with learning some stuff (although, i don't know if there's any translations of it besides english, because i know it's only your second language so it might be a little confusing)

im first language is portugues and when english is translating portuguese gets confusing and i try asking google all my questions go to furuns etc and gets confusing i try asking an OS failed i try asking how to make a vpl visual programing language failed so snap foruns is the only thing i have

and i came from scratch

honestly, that's the hardest thing a beginner could try to do
if you don't already understand certain things, how are you going to use them in a project?

how so?

well yeah i know that
but snap (in certain ways) is completely different
it's also meant for older users because it's more advanced
whereas scratch is meant for younger users because it's so simple

but i have everthing in chickplay planed even the scripts so yeah

good, planning is the best step in making a project

ok bye i gonna start making the gui and the studio becuse its 20:10 (in my time zone)

by the way: vector art is pretty easy to make, so you could try that


don't try to do vector art in snap, the editor is clearly not the best

Don't even try to make costumes in the snap paint editor. You're better off using an image editor like gimp,, or inkscape.

or even just Scratch

That's a good idea, but how are we going to bring costumes from Scratch into Snap!?

export them then import them to snap

In Scratch: Right-click the costume in the wardrobe, click export

In Snap!: Drag the costume onto the editor

That's great! I can imagine this being really useful while working on one of my projects, but I drew everything using Snap!'s paint editor so it would take a lot of time to replace each image.

whats the link..?