Can someone identify what this is? (iPad instability)

So I finally got a video of the “instability” on I pads
Randomly this just happens without warning while editing a project (likely loosing everything you’ve done sence your last save)
(During this entire video unless you see otherwise I’m trying to click on a block)

Keep an eye on when I’m able to drag blocks, the sprite corral, and what happens at the end

Occasionally you can temporarily fix this by clicking on a sprite to rename it, removing a letter. Exiting the box. Then go back into the box and add the same letter back, then until you close they keyboard you can get 1 normal click

Can a dev identity what the heck is going on here? Is it some kind of memory leak? That might explain why renaming a sprite would fix it (because it’s setting a lot of the data to it’s correct values in order to save the new sprite name) as well as the sprite corral flickering

It's hard for me to make out what's happening in your movie since I can't see the mouse cursor. Maybe someone on staff has an iPad and can look into this?

I can try and animate a cursor onto it based on where I was clicking if that helps

Might be a little difficult as I’m limited in what apps I can use

Maybe someone else could help with this?