Can somebody explain what a Unicode is?

I was working on a project and I saw the block untitled script pic. I was SUPER confused. I never ever heard of "Unicode". Can somebody help? I even saw a block untitled script pic (1) and I thought Unicode 65 WAS "a".

If anybody can help, it's very much appreciated!

If you right click on that block and select 'help' you'll get the chart of unicode values. The main thing that you're noticing is that unicode of capital and lower-case letters are different.
48-57 = digits 0-9
65-90 = capital letters A-Z
97-122 = lower case letters

Unicode is a way of representing characters in a computer. Do you know what ASCII is?

I know what Unicode is, but what is ASCII?

ASCII was a precursor to Unicode. It was created in the 1960's and inly included the standard alphabet plus some special symbols, but no non-english letters or emojis.

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Unicode is a way of representing characters in number form. For example, uppercase A is the 65th character in the Unicode database.
It can be pretty useful for tasks such as getting the entire alphabet quickly, e.g.:
[scratchblocks](map((unicode()as letter::operators)@addInput::grey ring)over(numbers from(65)to(90)::list)::list[/scratchblocks]

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