Can some1 fix the bug with this project

I'm having tech issue's with this game on the script. the game won't move to the next scene at all and sprite3 won't always move on the x axis. can some1 fix these tech issue's on the script, it took me 4x to get the link for the game on this topic
spirte 2 is also not moving on it's x axis when poop=kpart

The project isn't shared, You'll need to go to the project page, and click on share. Oh, and after you share the project, the link is still the same, so no need to create a new topic or update the link.

Since when can we see project pages for projects that are unshared or don't exist?

File a bug report!

it won't let me share now it's a new bug I'm having

I'll try again later

I just shared this project

Are you sure?

I'll try a agian and give the link again it's taking forever to save to my collection's

heres the link

you where looking at scene 2 I finally got it at scene 1 can you fix the bug's, when you start level 1 and your on scene 2 it won't take me or you to stage 1

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