Can @SnapCloud twitter be setup to cross-post to Mastondon please? it's one of thing's I'm missing since moving over there?

@bromagosa ?

Hi, @cymplecy!

I'm not in charge of the SnapCloud account, @jadga is.

You may see me around in Mastodon soon, if I can remember what instance I had an account in :'D

Jup, I'm currently sick, but it's on my list :slight_smile:
I already created an account but still need to set it up over the weekend or so :slight_smile:

I'll let you know when you can follow us again :slight_smile:


Ta - hope you get better soon :slight_smile:

How you feeling @jadga ? :slight_smile:

Hey, hey!

I'm feeling alright. And here you go:

Not much happening yet, but feel free to follow!



FYI Before I deleted my twitter account - I used to crosspost between the places

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