Can snap projects be exported to html or javascript reply

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yes. when you go to the project page if gives you an embed option

HTML is for web pages, but javascript? Maybe.

again. you can do it in html

HTML is for web pages, so you could export the web page the project's on, but not the project itself.

yes. but is that not good enough

Exactly. Exporting to JavaScript might work.

Snapp! exists, but I don't think it's been updated in a while.

Neither has Snappinator.

ive been thinking about it for a while but I might build a simple script that turns your project into a webpage or executable

Oh, that's really interesting!

if i can figure out electron then this would be possible.


That's not exported.
Embedding isn't remaking the whole project in JavaScript

so the problem with exporting is that the code is shaped as an xml and ran in js i believe. so in theory it would be possible to use a code conversion from js or xml to html. but otherwise snap has no reason to save a code as an html because it just isnt used

The XML stores the name of the project, the notes, the thumbnail, the sprites, costumes, sounds, custom blocks, the position and size of the custom block editor window, the blocks and their position in each sprite, and some more stuff I forgot

This XML is parsed by the js and ran accordingly.
Unfortunately, this process seems to be slowed by other processes, such as the editor.

your point? obviousely the code has all the information needed to run the code. an html version of the code is just not needed so snap doesnt give you the option for it

Turbosnap was a project that planned to make all that just run as JavaScript functions directly onto an HTML canvas, which would have been twice as fast (like turbowarp). When I made that original post over a year ago, I was wondering if anyone had done that

ahhh i see, i missunderstood. honesty i wouldnt be surprized but i think snap should do this itself when running a project. it would allow for so much creativity

Yeah I think that's slightly how turbo mode works I think, but I haven't gone digging in turbo modes code yet because I had no need

even turbo mode is slow. i just think that it would improve people creativity if things were able to run faster. even scratch with the blocks and running without screen refresh allow so much more (the problem with scratch is that it doesnt have nearly as many features as snap)