Can snap make OS

can snap make real OS (idk if can understand my english is kinda bad becuse its my second language)

well, if you're asking about making an os yourself, then yeah, definitely. i mean, snap! is based off of scratch, and you can make an os in scratch

with camera?

just use
wherever you need it

yes i can finally do my dream OS

if your os can run it, then you can run it as an os ;)

actual snap! logic:

I don't think this is quite right. You can make an OS simulator in Scratch (or Snap!; the differences are important but not central to this issue) but not an actual operating system that you could boot your computer with instead of whatever OS it runs now. We depend on the actual underlying OS to provide a filesystem, an Internet connection, and a user interface (display, keyboard, mouse, etc).

well technically, yeah, it's more like a virtual machine
but it's not like i'm the only one saying it's an os, that's just what it's usually called, "making an os"
realistically, no project (excluding any touchscreen-based project) that's simulating an os would ever be a legit os, but that term is still used

Nothing like a virtual machine. A virtual machine attempts to emulate an os from the original os code, not recreating it.

huh? who said anything about recreating code?
technically, if someone makes an os simulation entirely of their own, that IS the original code...

I mean, a virtual machine is taking the original code created by someone else, like windows, and running that inside an os or a program. A simulation is code that is created to act like an operating system, but is not running the actual code of an operating system.

I'm just trying to say, a virtual machine is an emulator, whereas what you guys are doing in snap is nothing remotely similar to a virtual machine.

Yes I know. But the OP said "real OS" and so I wanted to clarify the point.

And to add to what Brian is saying - just because in Scratch kindergarten "OS" is used to describe simulators doesn't mean its should be used now you've joined the 1st Snap! Brigade :slight_smile:

Ah, no, don't bug them about that. We have to save our diktats for real problems. :~) Policing how they name things is like, you know, correcting someone's speling. (It'd be different, maybe, if they could write a real OS in Snap!.)

So you start with the pedentry and then tell me to stop!


One guy made a RISC-V CPU emulator and put linux on it. IN SCRATCH!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I saw that, and that is an emulator.

Or, you could use codification to compile Snap! code to x86 assembly.