Can Snap! make an "App"? Multi-user / data persistence

I received (second hand) a request today, that our school's front-office and aftercare program struggle with tracking drop-off/pick-up, and want to know if my class could make an App.

So the exact CONOP for this alleged App are very unclear, but it seems to me I could figure something out, if I could figure out how to get Snap! to connect to a persistent online data store (google sheets API?), so that two (or more) people that have loaded the same Snap! can be looking at the same data(base)

What might that look like? I guess just a whole lot of javascript in one or more custom blocks?

Can anybody point me to any example/tutorial Snap! projects that might help me figure out how to do that?

That sounds plausible. The current threads with "MQTT" or "global store" in their titles are good places to start.

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