Can snap add cloud variables

can snap create cloud variables like scratch and other new blocks

Simple answer no. Long answer, search the forum.

o yeah i forgot there are javascript blocks

We just had this discussion with another user yesterday.

You don't need to use javascript for cloud variables, in fact all you need is the url block, or maybe the Web services access (https) libray, depending on how the cloud variable server is set up.

yeah i'm that other user

but seriously, i guess

but it depends on what kind of url you're using
your best bet is using a url that generates json code because you can use

this reporter


to find values that were uploaded to the server and were loaded in the website

although i don't exactly know about uploading values that way...

you could try to use mqtt

you can do a post request

MQTT mixed with Browser-based Storage does not work very effectively. MQTT is only used to send data across the internet, it's not a Cloud Service. But for Browser-based can store values and stuff, but there are problems with using both approaches together.

i said it before and ill say it again mqtt has a retain feachure that allows it to store the last message
also i dont use browser based storage in my cloud database anymore

They could but it might cost too much and it would be easy to abuse because there’s no snapper/new snapper label

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