Can i make vr games on snap?


so, i was on my meta quest 2 (and still am as of typing this sentence), when i thought, "can i make vr games in snap?" so, are there any snap extensions or scratch mods that allow full use of vr?

There might be a vr extension for scratch (idk, you'll have to look that up), but I do know that there are no vr extensions for snap. In order to create one, you'd have to learn how to use vr in javascript. The hardest part might be that vr is 3d, yet snap is 2d, and it's not as easy to create a 3d scene in snap (yeah, there is beetleblocks, but that's still very minimal, and hard to create games in).

Perhaps you could make a library to connect the A-Frame library to Snap!.

There's a VR extension in Snail IDE, but it's description says it was just taken from PenguinMod (the base of Snail IDE) and is unfinished.

I haven't messed around with this, as i do not have a VR headset, but if the VR extension doesn't work, it should be possible to create psuedo-VR by using the normal 3D extension and doing some things involving taking screenshots of the stage to basically make stereocopy of the screen.

You also have to have a fisheye effect to compensate for the warping the lenses cause, and you have to interface with the headset.

also, i dont want to use the projcts on my computer and connect it to my vr, i want to use them in the vr

That should be possible, I think some headsets do have web browsers.