Can I make an obsolete blocks from scratch?

I wanted to make an obsolete block from scratch.

Why? They're just there to show a missing custom block. I'd be interested as to why you even need it.

I mean, you can, but why would you?

How to
  1. Right-click the background of the palette and click "make a category."
  2. For the color, select a darkish red. You can name it whatever you want.
  3. Create a block called "Obsolete!" and place it in the new category.
    untitled script pic (4)
    And you're done! To go the extra mile, you can always put a "throw error" library block in, like so:
    untitled script pic (5)

Because its sad that some Scratch blocks are obsolete


Sorry but this is Snap!, not Scratch.

But its compatible with Scratch dont u know?

No, its not compatible. In fact, they use two completely different languages to make the blocks.

Very, very much incompatible. I believe Snap! is intended to teach CS (Computer Science), whereas Scratch is a way to get youngsters into programming. Both are great springboards, though!

Have u read the scratch wiki?

Do you mean these blocks?

If so, yes, it is possible to create a lot of them in snap, in fact, the all at once block was actually based on the warp block in snap, so snap already has that block.

The problem is that I cant make C blocks or Hat blocks

You can make C-Blocks. The C-shape is just an input.

You can't make hat blocks, but you can put a block in the generic hat block

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