Can I make a discord bot with snap!

Can I make a discord bot with snap!

It's probably possible with codification, like the method that this Webserver Maker allows you to make a webserver. Whoever made a Discord equivalent would need to look at discord.js or whatever, though.


do you know how to

You can create a set of custom blocks that represent functions of the Discord bot and then map them to text by using the Codification library.

ok, I might need a tutorial

Short answer, no. Long answer, you'd need to be able to make snap run as a webserver, which I don't think is possible. Now going with the codification route is a way you can do it. You might also be interested in

ok, thanks

I used to use this; its completely broken. Even if you're using the andriod or ios, it still wont let you host it

ok, I created a bot with

You might get banned for this behaviour but I'll let Brian decide, he's a moderator here (and a Snap! developer)

i dont see anything about communicating with other users here so i'd assume this is okay..?

Not okay:

Please please please please don't arrange off-site meetings here.

if im not wrong, there was a minecraft server plugin snap thing on snapcon 2020 (i believe?). minecraft plugins usually involve communicating too so i dont really understand where the line passes. it can be just silly discord bot not having to do anything with communicating, like game bot.

this topic is about making a discord bot with snap, not communicating with other snap users

No, I meant using JS Extensions to make a bot for Discord. I don't know if that's alright...but okay.

getting banned for literally using a feature? i mean. they do not make something malicious, so no way.

To be clear, they never put their discord username, so there's not really any way anyone here could even communicate with them on discord.

Will Mqtt work, or do I have to use replit

No, you need to use JS Extensions or or something.