Can i clone and move a scene?

i want to have levels larger than the screen, and when the game starts, clone the level scene to the scene with the player, and when the player walks, actually move the whole level around them, keeping the "camera" centered on them. is this possible?

You can send data between scenes via broadcasts:
untitled script pic (24)

act nvm. snap! is about learning. pretty much what you want to do is have a scroll x variable and never change the x of ur player only the variable then you want to using the width of screen evaluate where the first costume should be going. for the clones you want to just go next to the other clone until your position becomes the priority

i don't want to switch scenes completely
i want to have one player sprite, but be able to replace the level and move it around the player

what do you mean?

if you dont understand then this project might be too complex. start with something simple and build your way up

A scene is like another project inside a project. You cannot read data from another scene, unless it sends text data when it switches to the current scene.

Tldr, you can't do what you're trying to do, you'll have to store every level in the same scene as the player.

why wld you use a scene. just use a sprite

i want to also have interactable things and other characters on the level, it's not possible to do with 1 sprite, because the characters and things need to change state indepentently

the background should be a sprite

yes, but i'd want to "attach" all the other things to the background

why attach them to the background. you cant make a game off of just images you have to have seperate sprites that interact with eachother

because i want to move them all together with the background

then that would ruin the point of the game

if you are new to snap you should try something smaller then this.

what should i do?

start with something simple. like tic tac toe

I'm assuming they're talking about stuff like different sections of a level, or decorations. It is not hard to do what they want to do.

@двійка if I'm right about what you're trying to do, all you need to do is attach the sprites together by setting the anchor of the child sprite (or clone) to the master sprite that will be moving.

The child (or part) sprite (or clone) will be able move freely wherever, but when the anchor sprite moves, it's parts will move with it.

You can use this to attach multiple parts of a level together, and only have to move 1 sprite.

I think I sort of understand what you are trying to achieve. You need to have camera x and camera y variables. Everything else will move around based on those values. You are going to want to make a custom block that takes an x and y coordinate, and positions whatever is running it at those coordinates, with the camera adjusted. This is the block you will want to use:
position with camera x: (variable for x) y: (variable for y) {
go to x: (variable for x - camera x) y: (variable for y - camera y)
I used this in a similar project. Then, just use a clone system, that creates all this stuff, and positions at these coordinates.

Make something like this:
workingprogress script pic