Can i choose an object from a variadic input?


This can only be done by editing the xml (I think, I'm not sure if it still works).

what this option do? (special\code)
I don't see any reference into the manual...

same as multi-line but the font is monospace (every letter is the same width and made easier to tell apart things like 0o iIl1). it's used in the javascript block and probably a few other blocks

thank you

So i absolutly need an helper block like this... (?)

Yeah, I guess so.

Not necessarily. There is a primitive block object [myself v] whose input is a list of all the sprites available in the project.
You can replace the block helper with it.

Since you want your variadic input to only accept object block, in the "edit input name" dialog, select the object and then multiple inputs.
It looks like this:
forum help - choose an object from a variadic input script pic

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