Can anyone recommend a good png editor?

I want to make a png... is a good png editor

yeah I used to use Pixlr Editor, but I think you have to pay to get better tools....

I liked this one.

I can't use it anymore, but I hope you have fun with it :)

they already give you tons of tools i dont think you would need to pay to make a simple png image

@helicoptur @funtime_foxy101

I know, but what if you want a good png image?
tbh it was very hard to find a good, free, png editor....xD

@silver_star np

I will try the mout


I would suggest gimp. It is the best free image editor, at least in my opinion.
To install gimp on debian
sudo apt-get install gimp
To install gimp on arch linux
sudo pacman -S gimp

You can also try installing it by flatpack.
flatpak install

If you want gimp on windows, there are links on

If you are just making a costume or stage, Inkscape is a good option. It is a vector editor, but you can export your project as a png, or just use the .svg file in Snap!

For .png, Paint Dot Net works well.