Can anyone recommend a good png editor?

I want to make a png... is a good png editor

yeah I used to use Pixlr Editor, but I think you have to pay to get better tools....

I liked this one.

I can't use it anymore, but I hope you have fun with it :)

they already give you tons of tools i dont think you would need to pay to make a simple png image

@helicoptur @funtime_foxy101

I know, but what if you want a good png image?
tbh it was very hard to find a good, free, png editor....xD

@silver_star np

I will try the mout


I would suggest gimp. It is the best free image editor, at least in my opinion.
To install gimp on debian
sudo apt-get install gimp
To install gimp on arch linux
sudo pacman -S gimp

You can also try installing it by flatpack.
flatpak install

If you want gimp on windows, there are links on

If you are just making a costume or stage, Inkscape is a good option. It is a vector editor, but you can export your project as a png, or just use the .svg file in Snap!

For .png, Paint Dot Net works well.

I use a pixlr photo editor with a xppen deco mini4 drawing tablet.
I prefer pixlr because it has so many advanced features.

I use Pixlr, it does good for me. Examples of stuff I’ve done:

I forgot to edit out white dot*

and more

Might be a tad late, but a good sprite editor I use is Aseprite (pronounced ace-prite), which is designed for sprite editing & pixel-art, but you can also use it for tile-set creation.

You get common things you find in other art programs, like layers & being able to adjust the brightness/contrast of the image.

You can also use this to create animations with it, and also change the color mode, like "Index" (any changes to color will update the image automatically).

There's even custom extension support, if you're into that.

Only downside is that it costs $20 for the full version, and the trial version doesn't let you save your file (you pretty much get the rest of the tools, just no saving).

(can't include links b/c I'm a newbie :P)

Thanks, that's exactly what I was talking about.