Can a sprite be changed while being dragged?

I have noticed that when I am moving a sprite around by dragging it with a mouse …

  • any scripts belonging to that sprite will be paused, and
  • any TELL command directed at that sprite will not be executed (ASK still working though)

… until the sprite is released (dropped) by the mouse.

Is that a correct observation?

What I would like to do is e.g. change the size of the sprite (costume) while (so, not after) it’s being dragged around.

Is there another way to achieve this?

For a demonstration of my issue, follow:

… press the green flag, and move Alonzo around.

Roblox-like trail script pic

You’re a genius!

Of course you can also use this method if you don't want the sprite to jump to the mouse, but instead the mouse drags the sprite where the sprite was clicked.

Man I love hyperblocks, and the position and mouse position blocks.

That’s an improvement - thanks!
I implemented it in my code (see the link in post #1)

BTW does anyone see why there are gaps in the trail when you move fast?

very nice! Aaaand you can even add a drop-shadow:

Yeah, this way it’s “just like the real thing” (a bit slower though, of course).

Ideally (IMAO), there would be a parameter setting specifying how a sprite behaves when being dragged. In a future release, perhaps?

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