CALL seems to be slow

untitled script pic - 2021-12-23T025655.302
seems to be slower than

Here's the project. Just follow the instructions in this comment:
untitled comment pic (3)

Edit: I meant to use 480 not 420 but it's still slow with the CALL version.

Sigh. call isn't slow, constantly creating 2 new anonymous functions is. If you create them just once then constantly calling them doesn't make any difference to evaluating any other expression:

You could've concluded this yourself, couldn't you?


f1 is the same function as f2, so they can be just one function, I think.

Oh, right, duh!

I think I was going to do it, but I got distracted and forgot what it was I had wanted to store in a variable, and I thought it was the ((# - 1) mod 480) and ((# + 1) mod 480).

Thanks anyway!