Call ring

script pic (2)

This returns false

Is this a bug?

interesting. they certainly look the same.

I think the problem is in the name of the variable.
in your join block, you are setting the input name to nothing. variable names can't be nothing, so it reverts to the default of "#1" but apparently, Snap! still treats the input as if it had no name, so the two rings are not the same.

so this still works:
untitled script pic (11)

Sure, no name means that you're expecting automatic substitution of arguments into empty slots in the body, but using input names in the ring prevents automatic substitution. So the meaning is quite different.

yeah i found out that already, just was confused by them being the same.
btw offtopic question, how do we script pic blocks with reported messages?

right click, then click "result pic"

(it only works on reporters and predicates)

but the ring still has a variable in it
untitled script pic (13)

when i right click block reported message dissappears

no, all you have to do is click on "result pic"
Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 3.25.36 PM

oh, thanks!

Interesting. I guess I still haven't really figured out the syntax tree notation.

@bh: this may be off topic, but there is no way to reply directly to an FAQ topic …”What does “(Unidentified)” in an input type name mean?” => unevaluated.

You’re welcome!

Yeah thanks. I was 90% asleep when I wrote that. I'm surprised it has any complete sentences. :~)

Want it a partial copy paste from my topic?
Or was that one made first?

Thank you, no, it's fixed now. It's the same text I sent you, minus the beginning and end.