CaliCreate BETA is out!

dude I think you might’ve just landed be a job

No, I’m kidding, but now I want to learn the C’s. Already have Python and JS checked off :wink:

ML is totally mind-bending and the applications are limitless (nearly). Knowledge about it is a great tool to have!

Aspiring data scientist agrees with the data science thing. I don’t quite understand your comment about the spaces? And although Guido von(van?) Rossum doesn’t like people and thus ruined lambda (that was a joke) there are libraries, I would imagine, that correct this.

The issue isn't that you have to put spaces in your own code; I agree, everyone does that anyway. The problem is when you have to work with someone else's code that's gone through some formatter that thinks it's smarter than you are and has eliminated all multiple spaces. :~(

I wish it were a joke! But he doesn't hate people in general; he just hates them using higher order functions for some reason.

Well, my point still stands. There is still no such thing as different pieces of software because software is just a broad term to describe an application that runs on a digital device. I think you're getting software mixed up with a different word. I don't know which one it is but...

Why are we still talking about GTA V and Excel? Just use some sort of engine for a game like Unity or Unreal Engine, and some sort of language like JS, CSS, and HTML for applications like Excel. Excel is a web application if you don't know.

I accidentally reworded the sentence that makes it sound like a fact. It's an opinion of mine. I just don't like Python because, well, I don't really have a good reason or any reason. I just don't like it.

Nah, I think teaching a language like ASM, Fortran, or Machine Language is the thing that abuses children.

Yes about assembler and machine language, but Fortran is pretty easy to learn. That's what I learned first, back before there were all these fancy languages specially for kids!

I meant the csv-reading application by Microsoft…?

Everything called Excel is from Microsoft. They provide it both as a web service and as a downloadable standalone application.

Ohh. Yeah, I meant the downloadable application.

no.. you cant actually do this on snap

but cool concept...except that another person is trying to monotise something most people want and/or need

So...lip smack when will this game be out?

What @sladescar can do however is get a game engine and get money THAT way.

Use Godot. It's open-source, and it runs on MIT's license. You can make money using Godot. And you get to keep all the money. Rather than Unity's 100K annual revenue limit.

aw man but u have to download it...

But the entire point of Snap! is to learn how to code and such. Imagine if every time you coded you had to buy something to code. And imagine if you wanted to use someone's library but you couldn't because it was protected by a copyright and you have to buy it or something.

I'd probably quit Snap! by then.

Luckily there are licenses.

im confused; what does having to download something have to do with snap??

Ill try godot, i temporary left snap bc i got bored and i needed to focus more on music production so i'd say by October.

Ok, but something ive been dying to ask you is did you ever get your school unip banned?

No. i didnt, thats why i have been offline.

oh, dang, sorry man

you don't use some program to create general software, you pick a programming language and libraries, like rust and gtk, or c++ and qt. you can do the exact same thing with games too. i've developed web games with just javascript and a canvas, and i'm working on another game with rust and bevy.

it's fine, since my home IP isn't banned. I've been working on a new project lately on Snap!

oh, nice!