Calculator Emulator (specifically TI-30X, used for GED/HiSET)

Hi Snap community,

Has anyone written a calculator emulator in Snap, specifically TI-30X? Texas Instruments charges an outrageous $80 for theirs, which is more than the calculator itself, which is only around $15. It would be useful for teaching GED remotely. Would there be copyright issues if it resembled the actual calculator too closely?


I don't believe so, if its really just a calculator, I could be wrong though.

@yeet_king That's not how copyright works. From my understanding, anything that requires original design work is "copyrighted", in a sense. If you can charge 80 dollars for it you can probably copyright it, at least :stuck_out_tongue: @erob I don't think that there are any yet. There are plenty of good calculators online already though, so I'm unsure why you're looking to Snap, unless you have lesson plans already written for that model of calculator.

im guessing youre fine as long as the texas instrument logo isnt on, but then again, i dont think the company will sue a snap project

I don't know about TI, but I have an exact copy of an HP programmable calculator (the HP-65, maybe?) minus the logo on my Android phone, so it must be okay.

And to answer the original question, I don't know of one, but it sounds like a great project for someone here to take on...

Thanks everyone for your help. I found an android app for the TI 30 which I think is pretty similar. I don't know how much alike the virtual calculator has to look, for the GED/HISET the students will only need to use probably 5% or less of the functions. I found an online version of the TI 30XS on this guys page (alone with other calculators and things), but it's within a Pearson site, so I don't know how long it will be there. For anyone interested: