C# Emulator Help Forum

Recently I made a C# Emulator. However, I promised a help forum.


The reason why I am making a separate Help forum rather than have it on the real forum is because if there were help questions scattered on the real forum, then the posts will be drowned in a sea of many others.

Maybe that didn't make sense but whatever.

Anyways, ask questions here about the C# Emulator.

Will you add more functions?

There are currently 2 commands:

There is the // command which is a comment. It can help you annotate code if you get stuck.

There is the Console.WriteLine(""); command. Currently, the "" (Double quotes) are optional because I am adding string variables and other stuff like that. It can print out lines that are in the parenthesis and double quotes.

I will.

But, in the original forum, I did say that I will add more functions when I get the help I need.

There will be a dropdown menu for saving, loading, and opening projects. Each project would be saved on browser with the Browser DB Blocks.

How would you save/load projects?

You could click the "File" menu and then click on "Save". Then you've saved the project on your browser.

It's still just a proof of concept, there is no real project behind it.

I don't think it is necessary. But it's OK