BYOB scrolling platformer test

I have made a scrolling platformer test using BYOB.

Is it good? Is there any room for improvement?
Reply me, Please!

@bh is this a form of advertising

We'd allow a BYOB project -- but when I download the file I can't expand it; it claims to be a malformed archive. (I'm on a Mac but that really shouldn't matter.)

i understand,and i just wanted to check before i flagged the topic

i cant open the game either

im on chromebook

Maybe a stupid question but are you using 7-Zip or anything that can extract 7z files? I could extract it perfectly fine (though I don't have a copy of BYOB and don't feel like getting one to try this project out...)

The exe project works ok but .ypr dropped to Snap! does not detect a ground (green) hit.
The colors are different in Snap! so touch detection does not work.
There is project saved

this is why i don't download projects

I have no idea, but the downloaded file had an icon that looked as if it expected to be unzipped. So I guess the Mac archive extractor expects to be able to open .7z files.

Ah, thanks for expanding it.

I love the arm motion when he's walking! Now I see why you wanted a vector Alonzo. :~)

But I'm terrible at video games so I never get very far.

what mac version do you have? (on catalina/big sur BYOB does not work because it is a 32 bit app and they don't support that anymore)

Yeah they're going to have to pry my 10.13 out of my cold dead hands. I'm mad that when I bought this MacBook Pro I couldn't run 10.6 on it; that was the last good one. Since then it's just gotten worse and worse. </rant>

yes I didn't like that at all

Don't say it too much or itll become true,because i literally got my switch console ripped from my hands