BYOB! for Blockly

A port to the Blockly Engine, completely HTML-Based.
progress: 2%
Current Features:
warp (has a twin for some reason tho)
report() (very early in programming, so not functional)
() ^ () exponent (finished in renderer)
unicode of () (buggy as heck)
letter () as unicode (ditto)
ring (prototype)
Working on:
change balance by ()
set balance to ()
play frequency () Hz
stop frequency
set video transparency to ()
mouse position
write () size ()
pen trails

Welcome to the forums!
Can I help? (No replit because school blocked >:( )

Just wondering, what would be the benefits of this? Would writing a Snap! to Blockly compiler suffice?

simpler interface, smooth context menus, etc.

(if () then (" ") else (" "))
([ghost] effect)
rings now functional, but still buggy.
when hat

adding the unicode blocks again, as they were removed for techical reasons.
also, reify is extremely unstable, and trying to add it to a substack crashes. dragging the SCRIPT into IT is fine usually. it also looks cursed

screenshot on my prof pic

Is there a link to this project you're doing? I'd love to check it out!

Even better, port it to scratch-gui!

thats literally what im doing!

also, the backdrop and sprite was added. and the blocks are being transfered to the new version of it.
warp {}
(split () by ())
is () a ()?
(if then () else ())
(object ())
(my ())
(() ^ ())

im using a web-based prototype for this, since my device is incompatible with NodeJS.
also, BYOB is webbased too.

no, not yet, but im planning to make a GitHub repository.

Well, scratch-gui and Blockly aren't the same thing. scratch-gui is based on Blockly.

i know, also the files are on my two projects now.
Screenshot 2023-03-16 11.21.14 AM|690x496

latest version screenshot
Screenshot 2023-03-17 11.28.16 AM|506x396

project links
Snap! Build Your Own Blocks' <-
Snap! Build Your Own Blocks' <- everything else

Looks pretty cool! Is there any way to try it out?

yes. the variables contain file data. the filenames are the variable names. put it into a folder

blocks are becoming functional and are functional in the file projects.

export them, and just remove the .txt at the end.