BYOB Bring your own b..?

12 years ago, there was a man’s, named raven, this man’s was powerful. He invented….. bring your own B. A term used world wide on a daily basis.

Was there some context to this?

True legend :’)

The comment was on a project of yours. The user didn’t know what BYOB meant.

It’s kind of funny they were literal.

Probably because the term "BYOD", and its variants, is well known...

lol "bring your own blocks"
we don't have any blocks here, you're gonna have to bring your own ya mooch

No blocks on snap at all… only dodecahedrons


(today in show and tell, I'd like to show you my rhombicosidodecahedron...)

What the heck is that..

It's a shape. Google it.

That reminds me of the rhombicuboctahedron.