‏bug :(

‮i dk how to solve this
‮my topic is reversed

‮i did not type reversely

try removing the unicode control characters from your posts (that's how I actually understood what you said)

‮i didn't add them :frowning:

is this backwards?

edit: nope. Changing the language didn't work.

‮ooo wow

‮i found the solution
the 2nd line is not reversed
and i can add a LRM mark in front of my post

‮‭test:is this reversed?

I really don't understand this.

maybe someone put a RLM in my copy board

I've been using https://pteo.paranoiaworks.mobi/diacriticsremover/ to get rid of the unicode control characters so I could actually read what he was saying.

I know how to read backwards so I can understand perfectly fine.


I dk how to solve this
my topic is reversed

me too bruh

I only just posted it so people who do not know how to read backwards can get a translation. :\

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