BUG : Writing Text with the Pen Code makes it blur away

Yeah, you read the title right.

I was editing a Calculator I was making when I came across this bug where the Text blurs and moves away, yet not in a normal way. Instead of blurring and moving all the way past the left edge, it just creates a box frame that goes through it. I have no code that would tell it to do this.

It does this in the full screen mode, on the public version of the code, and in full screen in the Editor. Yet the only time it doesn't is in the editor not in full screen. I can't get it to not do this, and It has only been doing this since the 6.8.1 update.

The only way I could have text that was actually working was using a custom block that made a sprite from text. Using the Write function in the Pen gallery doesn't work right.

Can anyone help me fix this, or is there anyone else having this issue?

Above image is when viewing in Fullscreen

Above image is when viewing in Editor not in Fullscreen.

Can you supply a link to your project please?

Sector Calculator By MegaRayGamiYT

This is what seems to cause it to happen

Adding the 1 sec wait slows the fade down

Taking it out entirely stops it completely

If I had to guess, I would say that it's something to do with the way Snap! maintains it's display (using JavaScript canvas stuff in the engine room)

This simple code gives same effect



Thanks, but that isn't error I was having. It wasn't with the Costume from Text code, it was from the [write (join [text] ) size 25]. If you full screen your code and run, you will see what I meant by the text blurring and fading away.

The written text from [write (join [text] ) size 25] is what I am seeing fade away

is that not what you are seeing/reporting?

This is what I'm seeing


Is that not the bug your reporting?

You dont have to use the text from costume block, just use the write block. I recommend using the text from costume block for games. Others should probably use the write block.

My brain has clicked into gear :slight_smile:

The fading/bluring is due to the way the costume from text block works.

It basically makes a copy of the writing on the stage

It then clears all written text - writes its own text and makes a costume from that

Before it finishes, it puts back the original writing by stamping it - and its this bit that isn't perfect - the old writing gets slightly blurred

This normally isn't a real problem but because your continously using the costume from text block - every time you run it - the existing other text gets blurred more and more

QED :slight_smile:

Thank you, that seems to have fixed it! Removing the Forever loop on the text to costume seems to have worked.