Bug with collections thumbnails ✅

When I did studio and I add the project, next I chosen the icon for collection thumbnail all were good to time, when I removed from collection project which was icon. I thought thumbnail will change on default 'chest' but icon still was same. It's a bug?


I don't understand. Is your problem with Snap! or with Scratch?

In Snap! It's only collection about Scratch.
I mean when you remove from the collection, project which was icon, default icon will the same as before removing.

It is not a big.

@bh it is a collection consisting of Scratch related things,

@nieznajomyh send the link please.

Also to Brian: is this advertisement? (I mean the collection itself)

It is not a bug, you see a collection thumbnail is an image. You want a thumbnail that is good for some collections but don’t want a project in the collection just for the thumbnail. The Snap! developers could add it so you can directly import thumbnails to make it easier. If this was a bug I’d say it is a good and helpful one.

link to example.

Also to Brian: is this advertisement? (I mean the collection itself)

It isn't advertisement- it's only example when I looked this.

First after looking at this collection, what is this for. A collaboration?
Second, again I say it’s a good “bug” if it is one.

  1. I don't want to talk about what it's collection is- it's only example.
  2. I know, this a good bug, but I asking about:

It's a bug?

Why would it matter if it is a bug? It is not negatively affecting you or anyone else.

Most likely answer.

Maybe for Snap! developers is a bug... I don't know but always won't hurt report this :wink:

Right, it doesn't hurt to report bugs.

Also right, we're unlikely to do anything about this.

Okay, thanks for info