Bug In Quoting

Browser: Google Chrome
The screenshot can describe better than me, I believe.
EDIT: Please read this

that's not a problem. that's how quotes work, and if it is a problem, then maybe reload the site (your reply is saved in a draft so you don't have to retype it)

Uh, okay?

If this means you didn't understand ego-lay's response, it might be because hesheitthey isaren't sure what exactly is the problem you're complaining about. That's sure true of me. That is, the screenshot wasn't better than an explanation. :~)

Okay, here is what the problem is:
You wrote this.
And when I quoted that, it became this.

Oh I see, it's that extra space before the !. Yeah, eventually we'll get around to making it automatically italicize the exclamation point and then the problem won't arise.

I see. Thank you for replying.