Bug in Paint Editor

When my students are drawing their on costumes in the paint editor, whenever they use the paintbucket to fill, when they click on any action after that, their work gets deleted.

For example,
• draw a circle
• fill circle
• click on line tool
Everything erases.

It seems to only happen after the fill tool is used.

Yeah, the paint editor is really meant for quick editing. If you want a much better image editor that works much much better, then you should use an external program. The paint editor is on their very long list (and is something that severely needs a rewrite).

Thanks for the info. This seems to be a new problem that I haven't encountered before!

Do you have a recommendation for an external program that is accessible online, and not something that needs to be downloaded? Thanks!

try scratch’s editor
a lot of people on snap use it for all sorts of things

I'm not see that behaviour when I try it

Can you confirm which version of Snap! your running by clicking on logo top right and then selecting about

Works for me too, both in bitmap and in vector editors.

Maybe try vectr.

This is not Snap's problem but one of several known Canvas bugs in the current Chrome version that will be fixed in (one of) the next releases. It's already fixed in Chrome canary.

https://www.pixilart.com/ is good