Bug in launch block?

Why this work:
remade snap with snap 1.0.5 script pic
but not this:
remade snap with snap 1.0.5 script pic (1)

Remember to put the caller in the new script for the generated custom block:
Useful Blocks script pic

I feel like that shouldn't be required, as that's a bit confusing (or at least I don't think that's what the average joe would think to do).

Yeah, when you make a script like that (the one with the SET blocks) in any other context, what you get is a procedure, a/k/a a closure, which knows, among other things, which sprite it belongs to.

But in the context of metaprogramming, you are using that ringed script as just code, no closure. (At one point Jens was talking about using a different color ring to make that explicit.) So the real question is why RUN does work! :~)

But I'm sure Jens will explain it.

Not very intuitive but it work. Thank's

Because I'm trying to simplify Snap! at least in this project: Snap redone with snap (i use launch for the remake of the run block)

i can't make the launch block with snap, but i can make the run block with the launch block !
remade snap with snap 1.0.6 script pic

(upcoming project)


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