Brute force attack

this is a simulation that shows how brute force attacks work
(it doesnt run a actual brute force attack, its a simulation showing how it works)

you clearly dont understand the actual idea of brute forcing

i tried

it was from my memory

brute force is less about the actual force. its more about how do i know its correct

i cant change it, its way complicated

this is the best i can do now


Let it take longer inputs & not just numbers, like ACTUAL passwords.

im still a beginner, its complicated (i cant believe i have to say this a couple times)

Ok. Take your time. :slight_smile:

Looking at the amount of attempts makes me feel like:

Don't be mean.

"Brute forcing doesn't mean X; it means Y" would be something @mehone could learn from, rather than just an attack.

Pretty sure brute forcing is just testing every single possible thing that could be, idk, the password. For example, if my password was 1234, you'd start with 1, and go up until it works. Of course there are more sophisticated brute force attacks that take a pre-existing list of common passwords, and then just test it against that, or getting information about the person, and generating random passwords based off that information.

Assuming I'm thinking of the same brute forcing, isn't where you have to guess, or "brute force" a password?
ex: 0000 is wrong, so go to 1000, then 2000, etc until you get the right password of 9253?

@ego-lay_atman-bay @mr_owlssssnap2 Yes, that's my understanding also. It's called that because there's no particular cleverness involved, just taking advantage of the fact that computers are much faster than people; that's the "force" in question.

Ah, okay, that makes sense.
Also, on an unrelated note,

virtual harvester of precocious 12-year-old programmers

not wrong

i recovered the project by remaking it

try adding little packets flying across the screen from the attacker to the victim to visualize the number getting sent :smiley:

great, but lagging exists

you dont have to visualize every password, just enough to show that its running. when I started the project, I didn't even know it started when I click the screen

It would only be lagging if they have to constantly make some check. If it's just a bunch of clones flying across the screen, then it shouldn't lag.