Bruh what is this glitch

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 9.51.02 AM

This is me when I see this:
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...Yeah, what did you expect an empty variable to look like instead?
That's not a glitch, that's how the block rendering works.

it was just a var that I just decided to make just a space for the name

ha ha i'm such a troll

??? wdym


what i didn't quite get you anyways

How you do this? :smiley:
Please send me a link to the project. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just go on snap editor, start new project, go to variables section and you'll see it

How to make the variable, I'm in the variables menu. :thinking:

Idk it was just there

Please tell me the all steps to make this empty variable.

OMG, I did it. :smiley:
Just modify the create variables block and don't add nothing to make this.
I searched the steps in myself!!! :grinning:

Cool hey how did you do it

The variable appears and his variable watchers are in blank. :slight_smile:

how did you do it though? I just found it in a project

create a variable with any name (must have at least one visible character), then rename that to be nothing.

I got it

i imported create variables and then i made a block with a ton of spaces

Ugh, you guys are just giving Jens another reason to remove the Create Variables library, which he hates. I'm closing this.