Browser Data Complaint Issues

I have a few complaints of the Browser Data library for Snap.

My complaint is that you can't store more than one object in a category for the Browser Database library. I am making a software that requires you to login or make an account. So I have decided to use the Browser Database library for that purpose, as it's like Cloud Variables in Scratch.

But when I create more than one account in that software, I suddenly can't use previous accounts. I can only use the account that was created lately. In other terms, the "key" part is essentially a variable, and not a list. The "value" part changes once you make another account. But I want it to STORE the account information, not change the account information or replace old accounts.

make an account id, then you will be able to store more data for an single account

key would be would be something like :


where 12345 is your key, and username is a label.

Sorry, I didn't get what you mean. Could you kindly explain that in simple terms please?

make an account id, every account will have an account id, an number assigned to a user name and hopefully encrypted password. an account id would work like this

where again, 12345 is the account id of the user, and username is the label, both of these combined will make your key... you'll be able to choose the variable...

Oh thank you so much for the information

But you can have a list as its value. Lists are first class in Snap!.

But for some parts, I want the list to show. How do I make a list show

Shift-click the Snap! logo in the top-left corner, and choose "Switch to dev mode". From there, pick out the "show table" block from the Lists category and switch back to user mode the same way.

So I'm making a virtual classroom software, kind of like Google Classroom, where you can make a class as long as you are 19 or older. But I'm having Browser Data problems, and I can't seem to find a way to solve it.

the database library doesn't sync across the web, so you can't access browser data from another computer. In order to create something like a virtual classroom, you'd have to use an external web server to make something like cloud variables.

If you make a variable and SET it to the list, you can then SHOW/HIDE VARIABLE to control the display of the variable watcher.

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