Bridge It remade in Snap!

Alright, here's the backstory (Which I copied from the description of the same project I made):

Earlier today, I was looking at a video called "The Roblox Beta Iceberg" when I suddenly heard about this game called "Bridge It".

The narrator of the video said that Bridge It had many clones because of how simple it is to make.

So I wondered "Just how simple is this game? How easy is it to clone it?" And so I made a clone - I mean remake, of the game to see.

Anyways, here's the remake. You basically control Scratch Cat as he traverses from Point A to Point B, or from the left platform to the right. However, there is lava which can kill him. So you need to help him build a bridge because he has no Minecraft skills. No Fortnite skills either, he's only played the "Zero Build Battle Royale" mode.

I mean you can't blame him for being that stupid. I guess you can.

The "physics" system is kinda glitchy. I don't know if it's the 20 clones for the bridge blocks but...