i made a project about a esoteric programming language that is very hard and its purpose to be the language with the smallest complier

if you know why its named brainfart, you know

While I understand what does this mean, it's purely complex. Also why there are only 240 slots for characters? Isn't it possible to have infinite slots by adding a slot once it's full?

i made it 240, because that how small the complier was (ik complier isnt memory)

Amazing how the compiler of brainfart is so small and simple that even recreating it in Snap! takes just one (technically 2) custom blocks.


Now that image of a dog shows up as the 20th result when I search "brainfart esoteric programming language".

if you didnt know

the original name of brainfart had a swear word for the 'fart', i replaced the swear with 'fart'

A much faster way to write "repeat (text) (n) times" is
brainfart script pic

the . character is wrong, it's only supposed to put the current character and not the entire memory