bout had a heart attack, please fix this

applying edits to blocks with c-slot inputs removes their entire contents. i say entire because i just watched my last hours work disappear right before my eyes. luckily i had just saved my project but other times i wasnt so lucky.

i think it only happens when you add / remove inputs, because here i was trying to add an upvar
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 4.13.49 AM

and clicked apply
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 4.17.32 AM

at least spit the inner script out to the scripting area, or something

The problem is that it's trying to put the inner script in the upvar slot, which of course it can't, so the script disappears.

i understand what happened im saying it shouldnt be that easy to delete your entire script. there no back button to undo that. unless you dig through some js but i think it would be alot more suitable to spit the script out onto the scripting area, like i said. i mean, are you honestly trying to tell me that the script vanishing is the more appropriate behavior or what?

Someone, call 911! This man just had a seizure and I think he's unconscious!

Just making sure--you're just kidding, right?

(Yes I am joking.)

lol, right when you take the [joke] wrapper off....

in what world would that comment be serious?

A world where you actually did have a seizure.

Edit: Which I believe there are an infinite number of. And an infinite number of worlds (including this one) where you didn't have a seizure.

I don't know @cameron8299 IRL, so why would you think I'm not joking?

Because I couldn't be sure you didn't know cameron8299.

And, for the same reason I said

I would say there are an infinite number of worlds where you do know cameron8299, as well as an infinite number of worlds where you don't know cameron8299.

Infinity is a marvelous concept. Infinity grows the more you think about it, but doesn’t shrink the less, for example…


hmm i can get down with that but my personal philosophy is fixated on the moment we have now, you know, the present. i firmly believe that the past or future exist only in the present as well. because when we experience them, its still now. we look back or look forward, we do it now. so how could you, someone bound to present, know in any respect of anything else?


fine go to the shallow end ill swim in the deep end on my own. :canoe:

(Ugh, it's always that one guy/gal who ruins the joke by asking if it is real or not.)

also (and this happens more irl) when someone starts laughing before you finish the joke, like they're anticipating it not to be funny so they have to make up for it. those are the kind of people that are just waiting for their turn to talk.

Yep. I most agree.

There actually is an undo, press ctrl+z