Bouncing squares

fun project


Very fun!

I love it by the way. The gravity and the movement (and the collision) is very smooth and good.

It works with any costume:

making a sound depending on the color of the square it touches then make it infinite scroll and u cld like make music

For now, the bouncing effect is not good for round shapes...

i even used alonzo on it

better with all shapes !

This is outright satisfying! Make another update with a menu with various controls!

Could also have merged both versions into one project!

Also, are you supposed to drag squares?

Finally getting around to reading this. Very elegant! I love it.

Because (I think) you immediately move away a little when bouncing off something, rather than just let the acceleration do its work slowly (and I understand why you do that!), it seems to bounce a little before actually hitting the edge or other sprite.

Not sure it work correctly... I have to test it more...

Maybe i can add a delay?

I think the best thing to do would probably be to tell the sprite to bounce on the next frame.

Why would you make a link look like an embed D:

This is really cool! But I bet I know where you got the inspiration for this project

The references are in the project

No, it's not that it bounces too soon; it's that it bounces not actually touching the other sprite. It's as if it's surrounded by an invisible halo a few pixels outside its border.

It bounces too soon (2 times in the same frame)

Adding a wait (0) seem correct the problem...


Is that in the published version? I'm still seeing it bouncing before actually touching the other sprite/border.


I've made a patch



  1. the shape move into a direction
  2. if the shape touch another shape
    3 ) wait 1 frame
    4 ) move shape to "not touching"
    5 ) bouncing (reverse x or y vector)
    6 ) wait 1 frame

i can't do better for now...

Snap! say: It touch !

Watch this