Bounceathon Public Demo

I wanted to share a little platformer game I made called Bounceathon!
Controls are in the in-game tutorial.
Please report any bugs or give feedback in this thread. (Currently, there are only 5 levels, and going past that yields an error. I won't be fixing this in the demo.) Enjoy!

Nice smooth motion :slight_smile:

Found it too hard to get past super orbs level

Also, if you move your mouse - a gear cog follows it around

Yeah, that one seemed a little precise. I'll nerf it.

Spurious text appearing

What happened to cause that?

I just clicked on link and pressed Green flag
Just tried it again and it didn't show up this time so just consider it a glitch in the matrix :slight_smile:

Is it pronounced "Boun-see-a-thon" or "Boun-s-a-thon"?

Boun-sa-thon. The name is mostly just a placeholder...

On Lv. 2 (the "Mind the Sawblades" one) after I finished the black screen just kept fading and flashing, not letting me progress to the next level.

Weird, I can't reproduce it.

Could be my computer. Chromebook running whatever Chrome OS and browser is Chrome as well.