Hi people! I made my first rage game. My brother wanted me to make one that he could play so I did. This is my very first rage game and is in EARLY development! If you want a skin to be added please make it or find it and reply with the skin. Your skin may or may not be added and may not be added for some time.

Upcoming Updates:
-New levels
-Mobile Controls

Please note that it is in EARLY development!
Please read the game description before you play.
There is some major bugs on the 'Earth skin unlocked' screen that I can't find out how to fix if you know how please help me.

Bounce: Bounce by earthrulerr - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

-Major Bugs-

Please help me if you know how to fix this but the levels are not working properly and speed per level and hidden and showing. I have worked on trying to fix these bugs but nothing works. Please help me!

-Update Delay-

Touchscreen update delayed until bugs are fixed!

  • Touchscreen may also finish but not work until JS is back.
  • Please help me with bugs.