Bootstrapping the primitive blocks

I challenged myself to only use the most basic blocks of each category to make all the rest. So far, I've completed the motion and control categories to my satisfaction. If you have any suggestions for block implementations, feel free to state them!

Here is the link. Check it out now!

Note on the Title: 'bootstrap' comes from the CS term 'bootstrapping', meaning that you start with nothing, then work your way up.

You know C#?

That’s a very instructive venture.
I know because I did a similar project, earlier this year (not everything works perfectly though).

Hello are you good at coding or could help me with an os or something like an bootloader

I already signed up.

Yes, why?

Nothing sorry

Interesting that you can strip Motion down to nothing, but can hardly make a dent in Control.

I don't think you can reduce = to < and >. That's okay if you're comparing numbers or text, but = also has to work on other data types, such as lists or scripts, which don't have that kind of ordering.

Hey bh you wanna see something go to Snap!nix development and click the links

Well, I managed to cut it down by quite a lot here!