Book Simulator 📕

Book Simulator :closed_book: :green_book: :blue_book: :orange_book:
This project was made for TOTM (Topic of the Month) in November 2022. The topic is "Books", which is to create any project related to books, like this project, which simulates books and allows you to create your own stories, how-to's, etc. using this project!
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Very nice :slight_smile:

Very nice. I especially like that it lives on the boundary between text and graphics, by turning the text into graphics. The page-turning animation is beautifully done.

I'm wondering why you didn't just use the untitled script pic block with the page number as an index into it, rather than mess around with variable names.

I can see lots of ways to improve the project. One big one is to store books as disk files and let the user load a new book within your UI. But also, I felt the lack of buttons for page 1 and page ∞. Ideally they'd be shift-arrows.

You've just inspired me to make my own book simulator project :disguised_face:

I don't know that you actually have one.