Blurry bitmap

What's problem you are encountering?
The edges of bitmap costume borders are blurry

What have you tried that didn't work?
Nothing, i dont know how to fix it

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

is anybody gonna reply

OMG Sean, do you always get a reply within an hour on any other forum? Nobody owes you anything here! I spend about six hours a day answering questions on the forum, and it's not my job to do that. Don't be bratty and obnoxious here, please. It pisses me off.

The picture you posted is not blurry. It is aliased, which means that if you zoom in you'll see a sort of staircase look. This happens because the dots on your screen have a finite distance between them, and if a line is drawn at an angle, there has to be some particular place where it shifts from one position to the next. This is easiest to see in the almost-horizontal at the left in the picture. You can easily see that it's not quite horizontal; it moves down one step as you look from right to left. (You can make exactly vertical or horizontal lines in the paint editor by holding down the shift key as you move the mouse.)

Side note: Your screen probably has better resolution than that picture. Ordinarily, we try to make sure that projects look the same on everyone's computer by using a fairly low resolution even if your particular monitor can do better.

Often you will see truly blurry pictures. Those are anti-aliased, which means what it sounds like. Anti-aliasing was introduced to bitmap computer graphics around the 1970s, although the problem was understood mathematically by the 1940s. Basically, if you have a black and white jaggie like this:
you can't fix it by turning the top left square black; that just moves the jaggie somewhere else. But you can do this:
Untitled (1)
(Sorry for the badly drawn picture.) It looks terrible zoomed in like this, but if you do it at the actual screen resolution, so the squares are tiny, and if you compute exactly the right shade of gray to use, the result is that the edge looks smooth, although it's fuzzy if you look really closely.

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