Blocks disapearing

Hi, for some reason several blocks have been disappearing. For example, the stage width block and stage hight block have disappeared. And so has the username block. The weird thing is, i never hide any blocks.

Are those Scratch blocks? Snap! isn't exactly Scratch, although we were inspired by them and there's a lot of overlap.

stage width and height aren't scratch blocks, you can't change the stage size in scratch. the username block is a scratch only block though.

what do you mean by "blocks have been disappearing"? disappearing from where? when?

There's only one way to get the stage width/height that I know of:

Is that block the one that disappeared? If not, because the username block never existed, I think that you may be getting Snap! mixed up with something else.

There has never been a username block in Snap!.

The only thing I can think of that resembles a username block, is the "User" option in the (setting []) reporter in the getters and setters library.

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