read the description of the project

please give me feedback about bugs and give me ideas you want to see in this game!

It called me a hacker and I was playing normally.

I added that for when you fall if you press space again you get bigger I thought it was funny at the time but now it just takes up space.


I like the idea, though! Can't wait for future updates. :slight_smile:

I get ideas all the time but I think I will be limited on time soon cuz my parents are going on a trip and I have to stay with my grandparents.

how far did you get?
is it too hard?

im making a boss fight!


Congratulations, you have successfully broken Snap!

this is absolutely cursed:

ahem? how do we play

It was fine before, it is just that the xml code somehow got corrupted.

ok but can sirhopsalot fix it? (that picture was on PROJECT PAGE)

There is no way to fix it.