Blockchain with SNAP?

We will be teaching SNAP! in parallel to a blockchain conference. So I thought about teaching some blockchain basics via SNAP!, so you combine some theory with hands-on experience. All I understood so far is that you need for a blockchain several users to pass some messages and store the transaction data in some kind of distributed database.

I found some scratch programs, which I dont understand yet:

Anybody else had this idea before or can recommend some SNAP/scratch ressources?

I really don't know anything about Blockchain, sorry! A few months ago I did get an email with the video of a demo of somebody creating and deploying a blockchain entry for an SAP Blockchain service using Snap, and it seemed pretty cool. Lemme try to find this...

Me neither :slight_smile:
Just a distributed public database with some encryption and storage of all transactions.
But SNAP is the right tool to learn something.
I took a short look into and that seems to me the tool of choice.
Thanks for you quick reply.
Accessing SAP Blockchain via SNAP would be cool.

that is okay