Block still contain javascript

Not really a bug but...

Some blocks from snap libraries still contain javascript, is this normal?

If i activate javascript, it's ok but i don't use javascript in my project...


Use the “JavaScript Extensions” setting.

I know that...

in v6, the block remove duplicates from () contains javascript, in v7 this block has been modified: it no longer contains javascript ...


The setting block come from a snap library so in v7, the javascript should be removed...I think there was an oversight ...

Nope. Jens doesn't like the Eisenbergification library.

Nope. They kept it disabled because it could be dangerous or something

I never cleared my cache and have the full block still in library.

I strongly discourage using that library. Every setting that's safe to use is now a primitive or in another extension. I was never okay with that library and I think it should not exist. Please don't use it.

Maybe the setting block: it's a reporter...

i agree with you for the other blocks.

This is one of the big ongoing disagreements between Jens and me. I think if it's safe for a user to do something by clicking a button it's safe to do it in their code. And we still don't have a primitive to enter or leave presentation mode, which I use a lot in tutorials and talks about Snap!.

On an unrelated note, who was Eisenburg again? I remember that you said something about someone who made a paint editor or something, but I can't find that thread again... (it was probably in Uncategorized)

The late Mike Eisenberg was a pioneer in media computation, including strange things such as programmed paper-folding. But one of the first things he wrote was SchemePaint, a fairly standard paint program except that it had Scheme as an extension language. His central idea in that project was that anything you can do from the user interface you should be able to do in the extension language, and vice versa. So, all the buttons and things had Scheme procedures behind them that could be called by user code, and programs could add new buttons and things to the UI.

This one?


Why? Whats wrong with it?

If your search the forum for the past month you'll find at least one thread about why but best to just leave the subject alone :slight_smile:

What is the library called?


If you read the original post in this thread - you'll see which library it is
but as I said