≥ block. Really needed

Really! When I make game I need to use block. To today I use this script: image But I haven't time to make this script. Will be good when it would be added. Thanks!

It already implemented. Just right click a > block, then click relable.

Yeah, but really this must hidden?

It is done so that the category does not get full

No, if that were the reason we'd make it a visible pulldown menu like LENGTH. The Relabel-only options are ones that we really wanted to hide, because implementing them in Snap! is such a great exercise. (Of course, Relabel also gives access to options that also exist in the palette, for when you change your mind about which function you meant. That was its original purpose; hidden blocks came later.)

But bh, why do you want to hide them then?

So students don't say "it's already a primitive" or just wrap a block name around the primitive block.

This has been a favorite exercise for me ever since I gave it to a bunch of teachers and saw them floundering around doing something I had thought was trivial. The big problem is that the domain is numbers but the range is Booleans; that confuses some beginners. And when people do get it, they come up with many different ways to write it, but usually not NOT (A < B). So they learn from seeing that.


I'm gonna pretend I know what that means...

What in the post do you not understand? (sorry if this sounds condescending, I'm asking so that I can try to explain the post to you)

"Domain" = what kind of thing(s) the function expects as input(s).

"Range" = what kind of thing the function reports.

Does that help?

In BJC Cheat Sheet, I don't know that it's old information but it tells that Snap! hasn't a block or .

Yup that makes more sense, thanks.

I didn't understand domain and range before he explained.

Oh good point. That's no longer exactly true.

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