Block Collection

I made a collection of blocks. I'll add more, and you can suggest blocks to be added here.

Maybe an idea to post a picture of what the blocks are in your post so people can see what you've made?


I like the rumble one BTW :slight_smile:

And maybe an idea to make a block look different from an existing block to save confusion

Something like this as an example - not sure if slowly is the best word to use mind :slight_smile:


how do you take a picture of blocks

You can do that by right click the editor, then click "scripts pic..." I think.

It all depends on what type of computer operating system you are using.

I use Windows 10 and I use snippingtool for most of my captures

And once I've captured part of a screen - I just paste them in

Or you can right-click on a script and select script pic and it will download an image of the script.

You can then just drag and drop it in from your download folder

Block Collection script pic

... and if it's a reporter, you can select "result pic" which will call the block and show the result in a speech balloon next to the block in the picture. I use that all the time for the manual.

how did you make the SAY_in RPG style one?

you can look at the block definition
it uses temporary variables and a list

btw, some people don't know what RPG style is.

btw, this is a better script than your say in RPG style block.

ok i changed it

could you add a block like the say with delay/say in RPG style but with no borders?

what do you mean by borders?

I mean like without the bubble so you could make like an intro

I'll see what I can do

ok, thanks

I added a pen block. Is it what you asked for?

hmmm let me see

ok that works, thanks!

I fixed the "write slowly" block. It wasn't saving the position of the sprites correctly.
I also added thinking variants for the "say [] slowly" blocks.