Block Codification

Are you using dev mode?

Oh, no.

It still hangs in dev mode.

I think they mean because in dev mode, error catching is turned off and blocks freeze instead of erroring.


Well it freezes either way, there is no error message.

Hmm.. Could you wait until something happens?

I'll let it sit for a while.

OK. I mapped all the blocks and I stored them in the variable BC data.

Link: Snap! 7.2.5 - Build Your Own Blocks (

My Chromebook handles it fine. Let it sit for a while, then click the block to make it stop.

Yes... But I noticed your project didn't map all the blocks...

It didn't? I wait a pretty long time before clicking it again.
Also, why does [scratchblocks](BC data)[/scratchblocks] clear itself every time you reload the project?


There's a difference between a copyright and the CC license that Snap! uses.

Copyright means that someone gets all the rights which basically contradicts the CC license.
Licenses give you and others permission to copy other projects made by others WITH THE EXCEPTION that you give the original creator credit.

so really it should be (CC) or something, right?

Well in my case, I use Windows 11... And it mapped in 15 seconds.

Because it is empty (it is NOT a transient variable) to save memory.
But I want users to save it in their projects because if users change the language could mess up projects.

No, not exactly.

It shouldn't be anything, just write "Made by scratchmodification" or something like that.

Still waiting until schools start using this, but until then
I'm either using windows 10 or chromeOs, but mostly chromeOs


Why is it empty if I am not making it empty?

I said in the original project.