Blinking white bar/line on left click?


I'm a pretty experienced user of Snap!

What is happenening when left click all of a sudden brings up a white blinking line. Any block you click on just has a solid white line that blinks at the top of the block. You can't select blocks any more after this. One way to stop it that just worked for me was right clicking and selecting add comment, then deleting the comment.

Is it some sort of turbo or debugging/stepping mode?

Thank you,

That's Keyboard Editing mode. It lets you enter programs from the keyboard rather than with the mouse. The ESC key should get you out of it. See page 111 in the manual.

It happened because you were either holding shift when clicking, or you were holding shift when switching to a new tab, then Snap! kept the shift key state until you came back to it.

(the second one should be fixed, really.)